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TELL ME by The-Bumble-Bot TELL ME :iconthe-bumble-bot:The-Bumble-Bot 3 30
Transformers: Sparkling Madness Part 1
Summary:  One particular Vehicon was tired of being a mindless drone, as he gradually did things in his own way; attempting to become a bit too involved with his superiors lives than welcomed.
One fateful evening; he met a femme from one of the lower ranks. He sought after her; and it was heaven from then on for them.
That is until she gets sparked with him.. and Knockout has to come to the rescue by delivering his first sparklings...
What a joyous day for everyone! :D
The droid felt apprehensive as he marched among the faction of identical Vehicons.
His processor was engrossed entirely on his beloved, as he was smitten with her immensely.
In fact the entire session he had never kept his processor off her, her ravishing heels that could easily dominate Lieutenant Starscream's own, her bright mesmerizing metallic blue finish, and her severing red optics made his energon boil.
Recently, he had grown accustomed to being around h
:iconthe-bumble-bot:The-Bumble-Bot 0 3
RP Memes
Pick a prompt:
Welcome to the team: You've been accepted to Team Prime/Bee, and you've been asked to be guided by a certain yellow scout.
Put a Tiger in his Tank: You and Bumblebee are both very drunk on high-grade
Date?Okay: You've asked Bumblebee on a date, he accepts; lets see how it turns out~.
Grief: Bumblebee is depressed, will you comfort him or make it worse?.
Tight spaces: You and Bumblebee have been trapped in a very small box.
Sacrifices for the greater good: Bumblebee has saved your life; but risked his own in the process. Will you save him and repay the deed or will he perish in your arms?.
Oh...: You've just seen Bumblebee doing something embarrassing, will you laugh and smile or question his judgement?.
Feral Bee: Bumblebee has been effected by an unknown virus, his metal has softened and he's become more hostile, often refusing to speak or drink as he's seen around sweet smelling varieties of flowers. One day he disappears, and unfortunately you bump into him, but you d
:iconthe-bumble-bot:The-Bumble-Bot 5 451
Rp? Anyone?
(OCC: Eyooo I recently made an rp account for Bumblebee, this is my first time rping with Bee' but I shall do my best to keep the bot' in character.
I mostly rp with Transformers Animated Bumblebee, if you'd like to rp in another verse then feel free to ask me so, most of the time I'll accept :D (Big Grin) So don't be shy to ask!
Anyway, I do not accept Skype rp's, but I do accept comments and notes, just making that clear.
I'd also prefer if your oc had a reference or give me some detail about their contributions to the TF universe, this is optional however.
Just shoot me a note or comment and we can discuss in further details ^^)
:iconthe-bumble-bot:The-Bumble-Bot 2 222



OOC: Eeyyyo I've been taking a short break from Bumbler a bit and recently I've come back to check up on this account; As for those who have been waiting for replies please bear with me. 
Things have been hectic at school lately and even I need to take a break once in awhile; beside that fact this account is dusting up cobwebs slowly. 
So basically, I'm clearing out the clutter and organizing this account better to keep it clean.
So if I was rping with you and you are waiting for a reply; I'm afraid I'll be busy in the meantime.
If you want to continue where we've left off or start a new rp simply notify me below or somewhere else. Thank you :) 


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United States
This account is mainly used for rping Transformers: Animated Bumblebee, however I can also rp as other generations if asked.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Bumblebee is a young Autobot scout whom is one of the youngest members of Optimus's crew. Bumblebee is very eccentric and talkative, usually keeping things lively around the base by doing various activities with his friends, one of which is playing video games with his best techno organic friend Sari. He is also good buddies with Bulkhead, and despite Bulkhead's gentle giant aspect and Bumblebee's outgoing persona, they maintain a good bond with one another. Though small, Bumblebee is a fighter, and will give every commitment to his friends and faction.
This mech is loyal to the spark, making him determined and foolishly courageous.
However, Bumblebee does very often get upset when he's in a foul mood, and can be very whiny at times. (Especially if you call him 'little', even without meaning to)
Bumblebee hates it when bot's underestimate him as an Autobot, but he's proven multiple times to be a worthy asset to the team, and proving to be a great friend and colleague.

Friends :iconparanoid-predacon:

Finished by TFP-Starscream


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